What is the best compost product for your project?

EKO knows you want the best materials available for your garden or landscape project, which is why EKO specializes in high-quality compost products. Not sure which product best suites your project needs? Give us a call! EKO's staff is here to help.

Carrots growing from compost materials in Maui, HI

EKO Premium Compost

EKO Premium compost is ideal for new projects, whether you're starting a garden, planting some trees, or establishing a lawn. Incorporating EKO compost into the soil prior to planting helps promote vigorous root growth, water infiltration and drainage, and pH balance, all of which improves the soil's physical, chemical, and biological health.

Ideal for use in:

  • Vegetable & flower gardens
  • Establishing lawns
  • Trees & shrubs
  • Landscaping

    How to use:

    Put down between 1-2" deep of EKO Premium compost on the project area. Till into the soil at a depth of 2" to 4". Your project area is now ready for planting!

    Exceptional compost products for lawns in Maui, HI

    EKO Lawn Topdressing

    EKO Lawn Topdressing compost is formulated specifically to fortify established lawns and is fine-screened for easy spreading. Top dressing lawns restores organic matter and nutrients to the soil, which builds thicker, lusher lawns while producing a vibrant green color. EKO Lawn Topdressing is ready to use on all varieties of grass.

    Ideal for use in:

    • Revitalizing lawns
    • Lawn reseeding
    • Rebuilding pet spots
    • Compacted areas

      How to use:

      Aerate the project area. Evenly spread EKO Lawn Topdressing compost between 1/4" to 1/2" in depth. Thoroughly water the project area until saturated. Top dress the project area once every 6 months to a year for best results.

      Potting compost products in Maui, HI

      EKO Greenscapes Blend Plus

      EKO Greenscapes Blend Plus is formulated with 40% topsoil, 40% EKO Premium compost, & 20% cinder, screened to a 3/8" screen, to create a ready-to-use compost product. With the Greenscapes Blend, EKO premixes the compost and topsoil together for you, while the cinder allows for aeration and drainage to prevent soil compaction.

      Ideal for use in:

      • Container planting
      • Raised beds
      • Fill material
      • Project areas needing soil

        How to use:

        Use as-is for any planting container or raised bed. For use as fill material or on compacted soils, remove surface rocks, debris, and vegetation. Till 1" of EKO Greenscapes Blend Plus 2" deep into the soil to form a transition layer. Apply remaining topsoil blend & water thoroughly. 

        Compost products for clay soil in Maui, HI

        Custom Compost Blends

        EKO offers 70/30 and 50/50 sand and EKO Lawn Topdressing compost blends. These are available on a limited basis, so please call ahead to check availability. 

        EKO is available to help you create a custom blend to meet your project needs. Please call for more information and pricing options.

        EKO also sells mulch and woodchips, which are good for erosion control, weed suppression, and moisture retention.

        recycling, including untreated lumber, Puunene, HI

        Greenwaste Recycling

        EKO also accepts clean green waste materials for recycling, including untreated/unpainted lumber, wood, & yard waste, such as tree & bush trimmings, leaves, grass clippings, whole plants, & sawdust.

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